All about changing lives

Our life changing story starts with a loud and obnoxious heart (mine) that wouldn’t let it’s human live a normal and quiet life. My heart would demand freedom to travel, space and time to create and it desperately longed for a life closer to nature.

It took a lightning strike, 8 years of dreaming and worrying and a burn-out to finally listen to my heart and take drastic steps to change our lives.  In 2015 my partner, our daughter and I took those steps. We sold all our belongings, quit our (very good and secure) jobs and left our safe and very normal, comfortable life in Belgium behind to create a new, totally undefined and let’s face it, crazy life in the South of Chile.

This website started as a blog to inform family and friends on our whereabouts, but it evolved into something more. We realized we were not alone. There are so many like us out there doing the same, feeling the need to drastically change the way we live.

So now this website is for you. For those dreaming about a new life, but not believing it’s possible to achieve that life. For those taking baby steps into a new life. For those worrying about how to change your life.

We want you to get inspired and learn from our experience. If your heart is asking you to change your life, then you have a brave heart too.

Why Chile? I am a hybrid Chilean Belgian, raised in Belgium, but born in Chile. In short, I look Chilean, but I walk and talk Belgian (I dance like a Latina and I eat like an Italian :-)). I loved living in Antwerp, my beloved city in Belgium and I still feel European (seasoned with Latin spices). I have traveled the world and have seen beautiful places everywhere and could easily live in every continent. However, nature was something the heart really longed for and it kind of made sense to seek our spot of nature in Chile, as Chile has some of the world’s most unique landscapes and you can find nearly every climate type in Chile.

We love travelling, all things beautiful and have a passion for drinks. Especially healthy, yummy, lush, premium, unique, craft and local beverages. We have a preference for water (pure), wine (Chilean), Whisky (Single malts) and beer (craft). Expect to read about our travels and all things tasty and beautiful we’ll find on our way.

With love and hope,

Andrea Zavala
Woman, mother, lover of all things beautiful and human owner of the obnoxious loud heart x