Doubt and synchronicity

I took a leap of faith. You would think that was the hardest part. It isn’t. Carrying on when things aren’t going your way is.

You might say we are still in the middle of the leap, because we still haven’t touched firm ground. We have still to find our place to buy, settle down, open our business, basically everything we set out to do.

This leap is taking far longer than planned and I’m starting to doubt my wings. Picture someone in the middle of a gracious leap suddenly cringing and shouting ‘Oh Sh*****t!’. That was me this week.

What I’ve noticed and wanted to share with whoever reads this, is that it’s in these times, when I feel at my worst, this magical thing called synchronicity happens.

I’m walking in a street, occupied with my thoughts, looking at the floor, passing a clothes shop, I look up and the first thing I see is a T-shirt with ‘Keep on following your dreams‘ written on it. Or when music has been playing all day in the background and suddenly I hear words I needed to hear: ‘I never said it was easyyyy’ (Coldplay). Today, I woke up after a restless night, everybody was still sleeping. I took my smart phone and the first thing I saw was the video I’m sharing by Prince ea. In it I felt he spoke to me when he said:

Sometimes you gotta leap and grow your wings on the way down.

Thank you Prince ea!



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