What is Chile like?

People often ask me what Chile is like.

We have been travelling in Chile full-time since January 2016 to find our next home. You would think we have seen most of the country by now. Well, we have done about 20.000 km in our car, but we still have half the country to see. Travelling trough Chile feels like travelling trough 13 countries in Europe.

For what we have experienced, Chile is a bit of everything in the world. We have been in some of the busiest and the most desolate places in our lives. The driest and the wettest. The coldest and the hottest. In some places we felt like in Hawaii, in others we were in Alaska. Then we were in France and suddenly in Rwanda. All I can say, there is a Chile for everyone.

When I found the Find your Chile videos I finally had an easy answer. These videos show different places and different people sharing their views on travelling and living in this long stretched and fascinating country. For a general introduction on the country, this video below is a must see.

If you wish to see more, have a look on YouTube, there are 20+ videos.

We feel we have found our Chile when we fell in love with Patagonia and the areas around the Austral highway. Have a look at the video on the Austral Highway. We totally agree with the young man, Caleb from USA. We too just want to find a way to stay there for ever.

And you? Which Chile is for you?

Love from Chile,

Andrea x

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