aside It’s alive and we’re off

I finally did it, upon popular request, this blog has been created to tell the tale of our life changing adventure.

Friends will already know, but for newcomers, a little intro:

This is the story of a loud and obnoxious heart that won’t let it’s human live a normal and quiet life. 8 years after being struck by lightning and a lot of dreaming, thinking (and worrying) later, we decided to sell all our belongings and leave our safe and very normal, comfortable life in Belgium behind to create a new, totally undefined and let’s face it, crazy life in the South of Chile, because my heart just won’t shut up about it.

So, here we are, on the day of our Lord, 9th of August 2016. In a couple of hours I’ll be leaving Belgium after calling it home for 37 years.

My mother and I arrived on a cold 30th of November in 1979.

 After what feels like several blessed lives in one, I’m leaving Belgium today as a mother myself, with my beloved daughter and the love of my life, Mark the Scouser (a special ‘Hiyaaa are you alright’ for Liverpool xxx). I feel happy and excited, my heart is beating to this tune if you must know. Adieu Antwerp, Belgium, I have loved you, but it’s time to go.

As our new story is yet to unfold, we invite you to use this blog to check up on where the heart has taken us and what the heart is making us do. Our first destination is Chilean Patagonia, Aysen to be more precise, it’s where we would like to make our new life. Aysen, Patagonia Chilena

With love and hope for the unknown future,

Let’s do this!

Andrea Zavala

Woman, mother, foodie, blogger, nomad, adventurer, lover of all things beautiful, starting entrepreneur and human owner of the obnoxious loud heart x

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